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Here is the patent holding tool kit called Gerda Decoder for Tytan ZX locks.

This magnificent set contains fifteen helpful tools enabling every professional to easily decode & unlock one of the most secure and versatile Gerda Tytan locks- nowadays often applied on front doors of apartments, houses, offices and shops in England, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia and other European and Asian countries.

Therefore, this professional locksmith set is the solution to decode and unlock all Gerda lock series including Gerda Tytan ZX, Gerda Tytan Z2, Gerda Tytan ZXZ, Gerda Tytan ZK, Gerda ZE1 and Gerda ZE2.

For more details on the set, please see the description below!


Description of Gerda Decoder for Tytan ZX locks


Due to the very secure mechanism of Gerda Tytan locks, they are one of the most commonly used locks for front doors of apartments, houses, offices and shops.

This high-secure closure can be well explained by its complex construction:

Gerda locks rely on 16 pins placed on four different levels (A, B, C, D) on the cylinder. That means, that each level consists of 4 pins. In addition to that, there are four different depths for all pins, being code 1, code 2, code 3 and code 4. Due to the variation in the depths of these pins there are unbelievable 4 000 000 000 unique key combinations with tolerance of 0,02 mm making the lock perfectly resistant to picking, electro picking and bumping. Reinforced with an anti-drilling hardened steel center rod and additional solid steel pins makes it even more difficult to drill through than any lock on the market today. Locking bolts extending across the entire lock body are fortified at the core with chrome steel roller bearings making them virtually impossible to saw through.

In fact, that are the reasons why Gerda Tytan high-security locks are certified European grade 7-the highest grade of security against forced entry.

Therefore, in terms of high security locks, Gerda Tytan ZX locks are always the right decision. But once the key of this particular lock is missing, even professionals run into real problems.  Without the right locksmith tools, unlocking a door with a Gerda Tytan lock becomes a never-ending story!  

This is precisely where the professional locksmith tool kit ‘Gerda Decoder for Tytan ZX locks’’ comes into play. The professional Gerda Decoder Tytan for ZX locks set makes the manipulation process of all Gerda ZX series a pleasure. This highly qualified locksmith tool is suitable for Gerda Tytan ZX, Gerda Tytan Z2, Gerda Tytan ZXZ, Gerda Tytan ZK, Gerda ZE1 and Gerda ZE2. The locksmith kit provides every operator with 15 different tools: 4 Keys for the levels (ring 1, ring 2, ring 3, ring 4), 1 Gerda view finder, 1 ring, 1 forceps, 1 torch, 1 handle, 1 tension tool, 1 key, 1 anti-picking key and 3 boxes with set of pins types: 1, x, 4.


All about the unlocking process:


With the help of our professional locksmith kit, the operator will have less difficulties to open Gerda Tytan ZX locks.

But before starting with the operation, one needs to start with the decoding procedure which will give us a set up key in the end. That will serve the operator with the possibility to un/-lock the Gerda Tytan ZX lock as many times as wished. Therefore, for a successful decoding procedure, one needs to be familiar with the structure of the Gerda Tytan ZX lock:

Gerda locks are constructed with 4 rings and four different levels (A, B, C, D). Each level consists of 4 pins making them in total 16 pins. Further, each pin can have four different depths being code 1, code 2, code 3 and code 4. During the decoding procedure code 1 is out of all depths the most important one and differs the most in terms of colour and shape. Code 1 is the only pin with a white colour (the others are yellow) and has a standard shape. Code 2 and Code 3 are during the decoding process called Code X and have a standard shape. Code 4, as the last depth, is the only pin having a different shape.

Therefore, keep that in mind and follow precisely four easy steps to decode and finally unlock the high- security Gerda Tytan ZX lock:



1. First step- Find the Code One:


The first step includes to locate the so called ‘’Code One’’ pins which are white coloured.

To do so, the operator needs to take the tool called ‘’Gerda view finder’’ and fully insert it into the Gerda Tytan ZX lock. This tool consists of two parts: The so called ‘’Leading part’’ (rear section of the tool) and the ‘’Finder’’ (front section of the tool). While the Leading part only serves during the insertion of the tool into the lock, the ‘’Finder’’ as the name suggests is very helpful to observe the inside of the lock, as this is the only possibility to locate the Code 1 pins. Therefore, after having pushed the tool into the lock, pull out the Leading part, so that the Finder remains in the lock.

The next thing to do is to release the pins from each ring in order to be able to read their codes. Therefore, the operator starts systematically with the first ring and ends with the observation of the fourth ring.

In order to be able to release the pins only from the first ring, the operator needs to gently pull the finder towards him/herself to open the first ring. Here you need to pay special attention to the fact, that a much more intense pull would instead open the second, third or fourth ring.

Next, the operator needs to take a flashlight and observe the 4 pins located at point A, B, C or D inside the lock by looking through the tube on the finder. Whenever you see a white pin at the first ring, take a diagram (Vertical label: ring 1, ring 2, ring 3, ring 4 and horizontal label: A, B, C, D) and fill out for ring 1/ A, “Code 1” if a white pin is visible. Proceed in the same way with ring1/ B, ring 1/ C and ring 1/ D. In some cases, it might be that there are no white pins visible. In these situations, keep a blank box!

After that, proceed with ring 2, 3 and 4 in the same way as previously with ring 1. Pull the finder gently towards you and observe the pins with the help of a flashlight. When dealing with ring 4, pull out the entire finder to reach ring 4 and observe its pins.




2. Second step- Set up the anti-picking key


Part of the second step is to set up the anti-picking key according to the previous completed diagram (Code 1 and Code X) with the help of the boxes with pins provided in the kit. Therefore, the anti-picking key can be arranged either by setting it up line by line or ring by ring. Make sure to not forget to screw off the bolt and to remove the stoppers out of every line. After the anti-picking key is set up, you can put the stoppers once again in and screw the bolt.

After all lines at the anti-picking key have been successfully arranged, the operator is ready to proceed with step 3!


3. Third step- Finding Code 4?


At this stage the task of the operator is to determine those positions on the diagram which should remain with the ‘’Code X’’ or instead should be changed into ‘’Code 4’’. To do so, the operator needs to prepare the ‘’Tension tool’’ and the ‘’Four keys for the levels’’ (Row 1, row 2, row 3, row 4) which are provided in the Gerda Decoder for Tytan ZX locks kit.

The next step includes to put the lock into the anti-pick stage. Therefore, insert the tension tool into the hole of the Gerda Tytan lock lying above the key entrance of the lock. Keep it like that and put the anti-picking key into the lock, leaving it in the neutral position. Subsequently, lift the tension tool a little bit, put tension to the right and keep tension to remain in the anti-pick stage. Now, turn the anti-picking key to the right to reach the position between A and B. Having reached the described position, put the anti-picking key into its original position and pull the anti-picking key out of the lock. Remember to keep tension onto the tension tool during the whole procedure as this is the only way to remain in the anti-pick stage!

Now, it is time to determine ‘’Code X’’ and ‘’Code 4’’ on the diagram.

Therefore, take the first key ‘’ring 1’’, insert it in the lock and turn it into the positions A, B, C, D.


Following, there will be two possible situations:

The first option will be that the operator can freely rotate the ring 1 key in the lock. That would directly mean that the operator is dealing with a “Code 1” or “Code 4”. Whenever the position (A, B, C, D) in the respective row (1, 2, 3, 4) on the diagram is not a “Code 1” it is a “Code 4” and the operator needs to fill out the diagram accordingly.

The second possible option will be that the operator cannot freely rotate the ring 1 key in the lock. In those situations, the operator is dealing with a ‘’Code X’’ and needs to fill out the diagram accordingly.

If all codes have been determined, it is time to repeat the same procedure with ring 2, ring 3 and ring 4. To do so, pull out the already inserted ring and change it with the next row (2, 3, 4).

If the whole diagram has been successfully filled out, you are ready to proceed with step 4.


4. Fourth step- Creation of the unique key and unlocking Gerda


At this last stage we have already finished the decoding procedures and we can finally start with the creation of the unique key!

To finalize the key, take the completed diagram and set up the key accordingly:

Use the respective pins (code 1, code X and code 4) from the boxes provided. It is up to you if you prefer to set up the key line by line or ring by ring. But remember to unscrew the bolt and to take out the stoppers from every line.

After the set-up key has been created you are ready to open the high-security Gerda Tytan ZX lock!


Looking for a more visualized way of the unlocking procedure? Then see below our full explanatory video!



What is in for you?


  • Professionally unlocking Gerda Tytan ZX locks
  • Fewer difficulties while unlocking
  • Simple handling
  • No damages



Shipment information of the product


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